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We provide access to drones that have an extended signal up to 20km.


We provide drones that have a Max payload of up to 20lbs.


Our drones have industry leading gps accuracy for precise payload delivery.


We provide access to drones that have a flight time of approximately 1hr.


The importance of having drones on the ground cannot be stated with enough importance. Search and rescue operations are bolstered with drone technology.

Our Team



As a Ukrainian-American living in Texas, Anton was devastated to wake up on February 24th, 2022 to news that his hometown was on fire and his family in Ukraine was in mortal danger. Determined to help, he boarded a plane to Ukraine and spent two months in armed engagements with the Russians to protect his loved ones. Upon returning to the US, Anton realized the dire need for long-range drones to aid the Ukrainian military. This realization led him to create, a platform dedicated to providing essential drone technology to those in need.

Troy Smothers


While serving in the United States Marine Corps as an 0311, Troy had the opportunity to train alongside Ukrainian soldiers and developed a deep appreciation for the people and culture of Ukraine. Following Russia’s invasion, Troy traveled to Ukraine to assess the situation and consider how he could best assist. It was during this time that the idea for was born – a solution aimed at improving the situation on the ground.

Vasily Kalinovsky


Born and raised in Ukraine, he immigrated to the United States and became a citizen 16 years ago. Witnessing the unprovoked attacks against his fellow Ukrainians, he has been actively involved in supporting civilian and military operations in Ukraine. Currently, he is leading efforts to raise funds for drones to assist the needs of the Ukrainian people.

Mark Hayward


After serving in special forces, Mark retired to Nome and dedicated his time to teaching medical-related skills in Alaska Circle. However, when Vladimir Putin launched an attack against the Ukrainian people, Mark felt compelled to act. He served as a military advisor in Ukraine from March to May, providing his expertise to help defend against the Russian invasion. Now back in the United States, Mark remains committed to supporting the defense of freedom in Ukraine through political, military, and private channels.


Strategic Operations

Born and raised in Ukraine, Leila came to the United States to pursue her studies. When the war broke out, Leila and her husband went back to Ukraine to help transport refugees to safety. After returning to the US, Leila continues to assist by organizing fundraising efforts to support those affected by the conflict. With the idea of using drones to aid in the efforts, she is now working to help raise funds for the acquisition of these machines.