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Carbon Fiber Delivery Hexacopter Drone

Frame Specifications:

• Frame weight: 1050g
• Arms diameter: 20mm
• Drone dia: 960mm
• End to end : 1000mm
• Center body dimension : 210 x 210 x 2.0mm
• All-up-weight: around 5-6kg


• Motor: 4214 Motors
• ESC: HV 80A-100A ESC 5-12S
• Flight Controller: Pixhawk 4
• GPS: 2x M8Q-5883 GPS Compass Module
• RFD900x-US Long Range Telemetry Bundle
• Power distribution Board: 12V 3Amp and 5V 3Amp regulators
• Radio Set: 18 Channel 2.4g AFHDS 3 Transmitter
• 2.4GHz Long Range AFHDS Module with dedicated external extended power battery pack •2.4GHz Long Range Receiver
• Navigation Camera: Mini Cam 1200TVL with 2.1mm Lens 4:3 with OSD – Switchable
• Belly Camera: 22x Zoom lens Cam 1200TVL with OSD- Switchable
• Night Camera: Low Light/Night Camera 1200TVL OSD for night time navigation
• Video Receiver: Receiver 5.8G 150CH OTG Receiver UVC Video VTX for Android Smart Phone PC Monitor w/ Double Long Range Antenna
• Video Transmitter: 48Ch 5.8G FPV Transmitter 600mW/1000mW
• Antenna: Triple Feed Array 5.8G FPV Antenna 14dBi High Accuracy Directional Circularly Polarized Antenna and Double Long Range diversity Antenna
• Propeller 16-18″ Carbon Fiber. X6
• Battery Main: Custom 6S 22.2V Li-Ion, 2x 12,600mah packs
• Battery (secondary redundant): 2x 3s 4200mah Li-Ion pack
• Battery Charger: Dual Balance Charger 1S-6S AC 150W DC 240W 10A Battery Charger •Wires, accessories

  • Total Price $6000

    (first two introductory price)